Worthwhile reading

“Tragedy: A first Encounter”, Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Sh’ma magazine, Sept.2014: 2-3
“First Encountering God”, Mychal Springer, Sh’ma magazine, Sept.2014:12
“Oversharing on the Internet”, Adina Levin, Sh’ma magazine, Oct.2014:12-13


Interesting Reading

One of the great things about this blog is that I get to share really interesting articles that I’ve read.  Some suggestions for those who want to be “in the know”:

“Last Synagogue Standing”, Sala Levin, Moment magazine, Nov/Dec 2013: pp.32-37

“A Narrative of Change: Honoring the thought of David Hartman”, Noam Zohar, Sh’ma magazine, vol.43/#700; pp.15-16

I’ll keep on adding…happy reading.

Rabbi Steven Chatinover

There’s a sweet article in the most recent issue of Reform Judaism (Winter 2013, pp.8; 10, by Rabbi Alan Morinis) on Hanukkah as a holiday emphasizing trust.  It’s worth a read!  Grade 7 will be studying the article close up as part of our Hanukkah study.


“Science without religion is lame.  Religion without science is blind.”- Albert Einstein